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Australian Building Regulations requires Waterproofing to be carried out by a Certified and Qualified Technician.

We understand the need for quality waterproofing services.

Sydney Waterproofing Services combines expert knowledge and experience to get any project done right the first time.

Below are some of the Waterproofing Services we provide.

Shower Upgrades

When you think of home improvement or specifically shower upgrade, what comes to mind first? It’s likely a beautiful tile pattern you’ve seen on TV or browsed online. But tile is entirely secondary when it comes to proper bathroom renovation.

Tile and grout are cosmetic. Neither material is waterproof, so without a shower waterproofing. Water can infiltrate behind the floor and wall, causing mould growth and structural issues.

There are various brand-name shower liquid waterproofing products and systems on the market. Most modern systems operate on the principle of creating a waterproof envelope behind the tile. When water seeps through the tile, it enters the envelope, where it flows into the drain.

To create the envelope, installers apply either a liquid membrane to the shower walls behind the tile. We may coat the waterproof boards or panels to construct the walls of the shower. Whether or not an installer chooses to tile the bathroom floor the waterproofing system should be considered. Also the material of the shower pan will affect planning the waterproofing system.

Why is it important ?

Waterproofing is one of the most important steps when installing a shower. Water leaking damage can happen quickly without your knowledge and cost thousands to repair. There are step by step method on how to complete a perfect waterproofing especially to any wet area.

You need it in your house and it’s great to have there. Furthermore water is one of the most corrosive things you can have in a home specifically water damage. Any time you’re messing with water, make sure you really know what you’re doing. Much better to hire a professional. We need to make sure that everything is installed properly from shower recess, cement board, waterproof membrane to shower base.

A seasoned DIY-er may have installed backsplash tile in the shower or completed a similar project. However constant exposure to water complicates the tiling process. If you choose to waterproof your bathroom  yourself using waterproofing products you need to invest time in understanding the system. In addition, the component materials, and how they function.

Sydney Waterproofing Services are not criticising traditional waterproofing methods; they are extremely effective if done correctly. We will in some cases suggest this method of waterproofing. To make sure that if the shower works is too far gone and needs full renovation work. Apply the waterproofing method is an Australian standard when building a new house.
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