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Australian Building Regulations requires Waterproofing to be carried out by a Certified and Qualified Technician.

We understand the need for quality waterproofing services.

Sydney Waterproofing Services combines expert knowledge and experience to get any project done right the first time.

Below are some of the Waterproofing Services we provide.


Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing is certainly vital to buildings of all types. Correctly installed waterproofing stops water and moisture from entering the structural areas of the building, preventing possible damage before it occurs. At Sydney Waterproofing Service, we years of experience in this industry. As well as offering a wide range of quality waterproofing and remedial services to clients throughout New South Wales.

Many waterproofing company will apply a temporary solutions to the symptoms of a waterproofing problem. A poor job will be damp again within 3-6 months, meaning you’ll need to do it all over again. Sydney Waterproofing Services will not waste your time and money doing a quick and nasty job. We always treat the cause, so the water proofing repair job in New South Wales only needs to be completely done.

Nothing can cause unwanted problems quite like water leaking into a building or structure. Moisture intruding into a building can create a variety of problems such as mould and nasty smells. Moisture can add to the advanced deterioration of wooden support structures. It causes a risk to health and even life and death from falling failed structures. To prevent moisture from seeping into buildings a proper waterproofing method is essential in keeping penetrating water out.

Why Sydney Waterproofing Services?

Here at Sydney Waterproofing Service, we’ve always believed that prevention is better than cure. We are the waterproofing experts in New South Wales. That’s why we’ve been working really hard to deliver expert waterproofing solutions throughout New South Wales. We are a locally owned, specialising in providing quality made-to-measure waterproofing products, waterproofing membranes and services. We offer on-site inspections, as well as all range of waterproofing services, be it indoor and outdoor. Sydney Waterproofing Service can assist you with all of the internal and external waterproofing for your project. With experienced installers using high quality waterproofing materials, you know that you can trust us!
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